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Preschool education is the need of the hour as most parents are working and do not have a pleasant time to spend with their children. Most of the kids are left at home with grandparents or helpers who are not able to guide them the way they should be.

Thus Little Kingdom – Best Pre School is not a place to look for mastery in the academic curriculum rather it is a place where the children do all kinds of activities that are appealing to them and are taught specially.
Little Kingdom – the best pre-primary school education helps in a child’s emotional, social, personal growth and development. Although a child learns how to talk at home, constant contact with children of the same age group in preschool helps them improve their communication skills.
Interactions with more and more kids help them in their social development.

Why the Little Kingdom School is the Best Preschool for Your Child?

We at LKS believe that every child has the potential to be a leader. We believe in the child and raise the child to fulfill every dream because we focus on the child’s overall development. We give them the exposure to arouse their curiosity and provide them with the means and ways to satisfy it. We believe that a child can create his future himself the way he wants to.


• A good head start for learning.
• Teaching in a fun-filled play way method.
• Bringing children on the path of lifelong learning.
• Higher development in language skills.
• A great opportunity to develop social skills.
• Exposure to enhance communication skills.


• A neat and hygienic environment.
• Trained soft speaking teachers with good communication skills.
• Semi-skilled helpers.
• Colorful classrooms.
• Variety of toys, and block building games.
• Activities for intellect development of your child.
• Student-Teacher Ratio of 10:1
• Use of in-house created A/V content to foster the learning of academic-based topics.
• Advanced reading programs for kids above the age of 5+.
• Flashcards to identify letters, numbers, animals, fruits vegetables, colors, and many more.
• Proximity from home.
• Experienced set of auto and van drivers.
• Good and clean toilets.
• Clean and filtered drinking water.
• Proper security at the entry-exit points of the school.


• Children learn a great deal in preschool. The emphasis is on the cognitive development of the child as learning is due to practice and interaction in a big group.
• Social interaction is the second most important feature of Little Kingdom School education. The kids learn to interact with children of their age in a supervised environment.
• Playing with mud, clay moldings, practicing free coloring, and writing on board helps in the motor development of the children. Both fine and gross motor development occurs by various activities carried out in the classroom under the supervision of trained teachers.
• The child is prepared in such a way that he/she can do exceptionally well when they appear for entrances for formal school.
• They learn to identify their belongings like their own bag, lunch box, napkin, and water bottle. These are the real treasures of the children of this age.
• Children are involved in oral activities such as reciting poetry, telling stories, singing songs, bhajans and prayers. All these activities help in improving their oratory skills. They learn to speak in groups. They also develop the confidence to speak in front of small groups.
• Children get toilet trained.
• Time management is another important feature of Little Kingdom School. Children learn assembly time, circle time, playtime, break time, storytime, and fun time.
• Phonological awareness – is the most important feature of the Little Kingdom School education system. Children learn to recognize the sound of the alphabet. They learn to recognize the alphabet by listening to the sound.
• Pre-writing skills are developed by the use of crayons for coloring and writing on a blackboard with chalk in a freestyle manner.

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