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Late Mrs. Neeta Mehta laid the foundation of this school in the year 2003. She had the vision to imbibe perfection in principles and moral values that nurture the human aspect in every child.

Since its inception, this pre-primary school has achieved great heights in terms of the finest results in all prestigious schools of Jaipur.

The school stands as a pioneer in pre-primary education with the changing times. The school has developed a mixed approach to the curriculum based on skills, attitude, and awareness.

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Glimpse of activities held at LKS

"We promise to reach our goals by inspiring
every child to believe in themselves, cherish all
the moments of life and always aim for knowledge."

School Offers

enrichment experiences

  • Large halls for multiple activities
  • Excellent pre-primary education
  • Montessori methodology
  • Low in height colourful seating arrangement
Best children's school in Jaipur
Best Play School

Child's Friendly Infrastructure

  • Spacious classrooms with large windows for excellent ventilation and natural light
  • Brilliant colour scheme
  • Attractive colourful floors
best primary school in jaipur
Little Kingdom Schools - Best PrePrimary Schools in Jaipur

modern approach

  • Audio-visual method of teaching
  • A balanced course structure
  • Regular dance and skating classes
  • Low Teacher student ratio 1:10
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Kid's Mentoring Activity - LKS Jaipur

Safety Parameters

  • Safety, security, and personal hygiene of international standards
  • Transport facility with a set of well trained and mannered drivers
children's school in Jaipur
School Trip - Little Kingdom Schools

Little Kingdom by the Numbers

Best children's school in Jaipur

1200 Hours

of Annual Teacher Training

Toy Block For Pre Primary Schools

8:1 Ratio

Child to Educator Ratio


16 Years

of Inspired Lifelong Learning

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Types of learning spaces

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800 Community

Students + Teachers + Staff


82% Educators

with advanced degrees

Our Skills

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Little Kingdom Schools - Science Lab For Kids
Logical Skill

Logical thinking skills are important because they can help you reason through important
problem solving.

Little Kingdom Schools - pre primary classroom
Analytical Skill

It is the thought process in which children break down complex problems into smaller components in order to solve a problem.

Little Kingdom Schools - Creative Talents
Creative Skill

Creative thinking means looking at something in a new way. It is the very definition of “thinking out of the box".

Little Kingdom Schools - Young Talents
Explorative Skill

Examining objects by looking, touching, listening, and moving them to learn about how they can influence the world around them.

Little Kingdom Schools - Young Talents
Linguistic Skills

Children who develop strong language, communication, and interpersonal skills are more likely to become good orators, writers and develop a sound sense of vocabulary.

Little Kingdom Schools - best pre primary school near me
Observational Skill

Improving observation
skills allows you to be a good
listener and use it in better
decision making.

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Our Program

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow
belongs to those who prepare for it today!"

pre primary education

Little Kingdom School is a pre-primary school that caters to the age group from 2 years onwards with a curriculum based on multiple intelligence. The school has evolved as a success, which focuses on activity-based teaching methodology derived from the IB – PYP program and Reggio Emilia approach.
The school holds its major footprints on academics with the overall grooming of every child.


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at Early Stage


Why Select Us?

Little Kingdom Schools - pre primary school near me

Our mission is to grow the child into a positive individual with a balanced mind, high emotional security, good communication skill, and above all, a child with confidence and good ethical values.
We aim to provide quality pre-primary education in a quality environment. We also strive to promote learning through love, respect, diversity, self-esteem, and equality to prepare children for the future.

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Little Kingdom Schools - Cultural Festivals

Our vision is to create a place where learning is defined by the child’s inherent desire, inspired by the philosophy of joy, love, and faith in the child as a learner.
We invite you to be a part of our vision.
The little Kingdom lays a solid foundation for their future, The grooming starts from day one and, over the period, witness how they move from dependence to independence from shaking coordination to refined skills from body language to verbal communication.

Little Kingdom Schools - Best PrePrimary Schools in Jaipur
Care At
Little Kingdom

Little Kingdom is “A School That Cares.” We give attention, inculcate good habits, etiquette, and provide extra help for the children’s difficulties are the special hallmarks of LKS.

Children are supervised and taught by caring, capable faculty members and supportive staff in a safe and happy environment.

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Annual Function

Kind Words From Parents

From the Desk of Director

Late Mrs Neeta Mehta | Founder, Little Kingdom

It gives me immense pleasure to be associated with Little Kingdom School. 

We believe in the child’s holistic development, and our program is tailored to draw out the full potential of our students in every aspect. Our teachers are handpicked and trained to facilitate the learning experience and help create positive childhood experiences, attitudes, and interactions in a loving, responsive and stimulating learning environment.

Late Mrs Neeta Mehta

(1965 - 2014)
Founder, Little Kingdom

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Flagship School- RajaPark
(Play Group - IInd)

7/582, Udai Marg,
Raja Park, Tilak Nagar,
Ph: 0141-2622245, 9829322245


Branch - Malviya Nagar
(Play Group - Prep)

6/324, Malviya Nagar,
Opp. NW Railway Office, Jaipur.
Ph. : 9694422245


Branch - Jagatpura
(Play Group - IInd)
(Opening Shortly)

F2, Nadan Vihar Scheme,
Near Mahima Panorama Apartments,
Jagatpura, Jaipur